The launch of HEAVY Books


Exhibition and book release
at MELK, Oslo

May 9

HEAVY Books is an artist run publishing project whose focus lies on limited edition books, zines and other printed matter. A small exhibition and the release of five books will mark the birth of the imprint.

MELK is proud to host the simultaneous book release and launch of the new Oslo/Gothenburg based imprint HEAVY Books. It will present five books from young Scandinavian artists Christopher Landin, Erik Viklund, Petter Berg, Magne Lyngvær and Christian Tunge.

The work of Christopher Landin (b. 1988) is all about interactions. The photographs in the series A System of Possible Movements are traces of actions. They make us see the subtle actions of growing, piling, tracing and adjusting that both humans and nature use as ways of accommodating to the world. Meaning is projected onto the actions of nature through the photographs. They refer not only to something in the world, but to the act of photographing.

Sönder, riso printed two times over by the artist Erik Viklund (b. 1982), can be described as a hauntology of his relation to snow. Once; pictures of white fields and horizons, now clogged or exploded. Lost to an in-betweenness of what disappears through repetition and whats created through abstraction. Viklund subordinates the moment, landscape and material in a thorough process looking for what’s represented.

Petter Berg (b. 1993) is working with the tension between nature and urbanity, spontaneity and reason, as well as the human and the coldly constructed. Plastic Trust explores the paradox that lies in our society’s attraction to logic and order; despite the fact that our building blocks are highly emotional and subjective. With both great grievousness and subtle humour, it can be seen as a visualisation of the search for some preverbal connection between the things that make our world.

Magne Lyngvær (b.1988) makes enigmatic photographs of landscapes, objects and people in his life. His work springs from a fascination for his childhood home, a small island with an undercurrent of mystery and melancholy. His interest lays in the discomfort that can occur in everyday situations and familiar environments.

Christian Tunge (b. 1989) is the initiator of HEAVY Books. In Cites he creates imaginary landscapes based on discussions and pictures from the online community on skyscrapers; The SkyskraperCity Forum. It features impossible constructions, explorations of infinity and photographic processes.

HEAVY Books is supported by the Embassy of Sweden.