Supermarket 2018

April 12-15
Slaughterhouse 5

SUPERMARKET 2018 shows 53 artist-run initiatives from 41 cities around the world during 12–15 April 2018. In total more than 150 artists exhibit.

Artist-run spaces from Europe and Scandinavia will be represented alongside initiatives from Georgia, South Africa, Canada, and the USA. For the first time the art fair hosts exhibitors from Slovakia, HotDock Project Space and Photoport, and from Luxembourg, represented by the Musel Link association. SUPERMARKET 2018 is proud to showcase three Russian initiatives this year – Elektrozavod from Moscow, Dom Gruzchika from Perm, and Gallery ч9 from Murmansk, the very northwest of the Russian Federation. Amongst other first-time exhibitors are the Artist-Run Alliance from Israel, Durden and Ray from Los Angeles, Storm and Drunk from Madrid, Ekkisens Art Space from Iceland, SAW gallery from Canada, and many more.

The overarching theme of SUPERMARKET 2018 is ‘Legacy: Who Will Survive And What Will be Left of Them?’. It discusses the heritage of art and the fleeting nature of human legacy, the issues of sustainability of the artist-run art scene, or the impact that artists have as individuals.

As every year, SUPERMARKET 2018 includes the public programme TALKS & PERFORMANCE, with panel discussions, presentations and performance art. The Professional Networking Participants programme (PNP) also continues with its focus on exchange of knowledge and experience from within the artist-run art scene.

14+ Artist, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Alfred Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel
AllArtNow, Damascus, Syria
ALMA MARTHA / Kalashnikovv Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
Kunstverein Baden, Baden, Austria
Berlinskej Model, Prague, Czechia
Bunkern, Örebro, Sweden
Candyland, Stockholm, Sweden
gallery ч9, Murmansk, Russia
CODE ROOD, Arnhem, Netherlands
Dom Gruzchika, Perm, Russia
Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, USA
Ekkisens Art Space, Reykjavík, Iceland
Elektrozavod gallery, Moscow, Russia
Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
GRO, Jakobstad, Finland
HotDock Project Space, Bratislava, Slovakia
Galleria Huuto, Helsinki, Finland
InChina, Tbilisi, Georgia
Istanbul Performance Art, Istanbul, Turkey
KC Grad, Belgrade, Serbia
Galleri Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden
Konstnärshuset/SKF, Stockholm, Sweden
KRÆ syndikatet, Copenhagen, Denmark
kunsthallekleinbasel, Basel, Switzerland
Kunstraum flat1, Vienna, Austria
Land404, Jämjö, Sweden
Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Galleri LOKOMOTIV, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Musel Link, Aspelt, Luxembourg
MŰTŐ, Budapest, Hungary
Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, Netherlands
Nulobaz Cooperative Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam, Netherlands
PHOTOPORT, Bratislava, Slovakia
Galleri Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden
Galerie SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
Galleria Sculptor, Helsinki, Finland
Storm And Drunk, Madrid, Spain
Studio44, Stockholm, Sweden
Svends Bibliotek, Copenhagen, Denmark
TEGEN 2, Stockholm, Sweden
Terminal B, Kirkenes, Norway
tm•galleria, Helsinki, Finland
>top Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany
WYKWIT, Wroclaw, Poland

Artist-Run Alliance, Tel Aviv, Israel
Kulturtidskriften Cora, Stockholm, Sweden
KRO / Tidningen Konstnären, Stockholm, Sweden
OEI, Stockholm, Sweden
rojal, Gothenburg, Sweden