Land404 is an artist run nonprofit based in the village of Gullholma on Swedens southeast coast. Our work is centered around an intensive residency program for small groups of artists with subsequent exhibitions and publications. We want to establish a platform for international exchange, community and playful creative processes that discusses rural spaces and our relation to nature. A deep involvement locally is fundamental to our activities.


Land404 is founded by artists Christopher Landin and Simone Ærsøe. From their farm on the southeast coast of Sweden, they run a residency program and facilitate workshops, events and exhibitions. Based in the countryside far from any major cities, Land404 is interested in examining rural spaces in the context of western civilisation. To create a flow of information or dialogue from the periphery to the center most of the work created and shown at the farm is also exhibited in urban contexts.

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  • Mette Hartung Kirkegaard (DK)
  • Louise Moller (SE)
  • Johan Stenbeck (SE)
  • Simone Aersoe (DK)
  • Christopher Landin (SE)
  • Robert Mathy (AT)
  • Evelina Hagglund (SE/SI)
  • Sidsel Bonde (DK)
  • Paige Silverman (USA)


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